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Slot machines are interactive objects introduced in Borderlands 2. They can drop anything from weapons to a live grenade depending on the result. Tiny Tina's Lootsplosion Slot Machine was introduced in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. Torgue Slot Machine or 'Fully Torgued Jackpot' machines are interactive objects introduced in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. 1 Borderlands 2 and the Pre

14 Jan 2019 From the Norfleet to the Bee Shield and everything in between. Some of these might surprise you!Unkempt Harold farm:  25 Aug 2017 My Top 10 Best Items for Early Game.Farm multiple quest rewards: https://www. Harold  6 Jul 2019 What's going on guys? This is VinylicPuma, back with another Borderlands 2 countdown video and today, I figured I'd go over 10 of what I think  10 Jul 2019 What's going on guys? This is VinylicPuma, back with another Borderlands 2 Countdown video and today, I figured i'd go over what I think are 

Salvador the Gunzerker is a fun character class who is pretty much the playable Brick of the Borderlands 2 (he's silly and so forth). While this is a great soloing build, it should be mentioned that it works even better in a duo situation or with larger parties since that keeps the enemies more spread out and less focused on just your character.

May 31, 2020 · Borderlands 2: Best Zero Build and Gear Players that are curious about the best skills and gear to use with Zero in Borderlands 2 can find full details in this guide. By William Parks Published For Borderlands 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best Maya skill tree?". Borderlands 2 – Best Siren Build By Faraz Jafari | Borderlands 2 , Entertainment , Gaming This BL2 Siren (Maya) Build is excellent for normal and true vault hunter mode, designed towards solo play with co-op potential.

Borderlands 3 has over 1 billion guns, and finding the best can be tough. Here are our picks for the 10 best weapons in Borderlands 3, plus where to find them.

Feb 10, 2017 · Best Borderlands Vault Hunters Ranking. Credit to Brick for being in the original Borderlands Vault Hunters crew. But when all is said and done, he’s the weakest of the four to play as. Jun 03, 2020 · Regarding the gear to equip with this best build for Zero in Borderlands 2, the number of choices is pretty vast. You have a plethora of choices to make apart from the Legendary Sniper Class Mod that we discussed. Let’s take a panoramic view of the choicest shields, weapons, and relics to use for this build in Borderlands 2.

Mar 05, 2020 · If you’re playing Borderlands 2, you’re going to want to know which of the main characters are the best to choose from.Obviously Borderlands 2 is both a single-player and a multiplayer looter shooter, but while I’m taking team synergy into account, for the most part the characters who are useful in single-player are exactly the same who are useful in multiplayer, and for pretty much the

Jun 17, 2019 · Legendary Weapons Guide – Borderlands 2. This guide will help you obtain all legendary weapons added to Borderlands 2 with the new Command Lilith & the Fight of Sanctuary DLC. Amigo Sincero. Let’s start with the easiest legendary weapon to obtain. Amigo Sincero is a sniper rifle that boasts 50% melee damage bonus as it comes equipped with a Borderlands 2 has four playable classes, and 2 additional classes are available as DLC characters; thus, the game has a total of six classes to choose from. Each character has their own story, abilities, and skill trees. Choose your best Borderlands 2 class from the six classes listed below. Best characters for solo play Gaige (DLC) Shotguns are powerful close-range weapons that shoot a spray of pellets. 1 Borderlands 1.1 Overview 1.2 General Strategy 1.3 Class Information 1.4 Varieties 1.4.1 All Shotguns 1.4.2 Combat Shotguns 1.5 Assault Shotguns 1.6 Parts and naming 1.7 Notes 1.8 Trivia 2 Borderlands 2 2.1 Overview 2.2 Common 3 Borderlands 3 Shotguns tend to have low accuracy and low magazine sizes compared to most