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The name of the parallel environment as defined for pe_name in sge_types(1). To be used in the qsub(1) -pe switch. slots. The number of parallel processes being 

Each queue is associated with a number of slots: one computational process runs in each slot; each compute node in the HPC cluster provides one or more slots. Parallel Environments For most parallel jobs, including those using OpenMP and MPI (e.g., OpenMPI or MPICH), and parallel programs such as Fluent and Star-CD, an SGE Parallel Environment Each PE could be configured to fill the slots available on the cluster nodes in a specific way. One requests a specific PE with the -pe pe_name num_slots parameter and then SGE tries to find num_slots slots following the allocation policy of the pe_name PE. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to request slots in integer multiples per node.

Ray, I think we misunderstood your problem. Let me explain how we see your problem. Your setup: 12 queue instances with 16 slots each. You are submitting a bunch of jobs. eg. 100, which will overload the hosts massively But you guess that 2-3 jobs per hosts are possible without overloading.

2018/03/20 pes Contains a comma separated list of PEs (see sge_pe(5)). This parameter filters for jobs requesting a pe in the list. Any PE not in the list will not be considered for the resource quota rule. If no pe filter is queue_conf(5)host(5) , Sge Pe Slots card game is easy Sge Pe Slots to learn and fun to play online. Spend a few minutes learning blackjack rules, and new players can easily progress to making smart blackjack bets quickly. Practice using one of our . Sge Allocation Rule Pe Slots, empire city online casino, imei (slot 1) 354814091898912, epiphone casino vs gibson es 330 Yes. We would suggest checking back to our Malta online casino list for some of the best live dealer games out there.

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For pending parallel jobs with a PE slot range request, the assumed future slot allocation is displayed. With -g t option the function of the running jobs (MASTER or SLAVE - the latter for parallel jobs only) is displayed.